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Wicked Jelle Water-Based Anal Lube Review

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I can't understate how important a good quality lube can be to your lovemaking. Especially where anal play is concerned. I was delighted when Latex, Leather & Lace sent me a bottle of Wicked Jelle water-based anal lubricant. Wicked is one of my favourite brands of lubricants, and their extensive range of products is fantastic. So,

Wicked Toy Love Gel Lube for Intimate Toys Review

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Here we go with another lube review. Well, as a sex toy reviewer I do go through lots of the stuff. I need to start buying it in 5l bottles with the rate I go through it. I always use lube when masturbating or during sex and it is important to do so. The inner

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Review: Wicked AQUA Cinnamon Bun lube

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Mmmm, lube reviews. An opportunity to get slippery and sexy in the name of scientific testing and community service. What better way to spend an evening in alone?! I'd been sent a handful of Wicked lubes of various types for review (thanks Patrick!) and because I'm a greedy slut with a sweet tooth, I decided

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