Watch out Doxy, you’ve got competition hot on your tails!   Okay, so it’s not a Doxy, but by god, it’s a powerful non-plugged wand and with a remote to boot. You should feel seriously spoilt with this Sola Sync Wand.

One of the things about Meet Sola products is their presentation of their items – the packaging is super fancy to the point where I end up keeping the main box to store items in – my cue box has become my lube box in my sex toy cupboard.   Most of the time I ditch the packaging to the bottom of the cupboard for the remainder of its warranty but this bad boy has storage use – despite the fact they spoilt you with pouches to store the wand in!Meet Sola Wand

The one thing that sticks out to me about the Sola Sync Rechargeable Wand is its extra long handle –  I just keeping singing to myself “my neck, my back it touches both plus my fanny and my crack…” haha – it’s super long and has a bend in the handle which allows for massaging use with it contouring towards your body.  The good thing is that with the remote, if it’s being used from various angles, you have the remote to be able to see what you’re doing. The remote also allows for patterns and intensity to be separated.

The Wand has some deep rumbly vibrations and they feel glorious. I’m sat here right now with it on my shoulder because I pulled it during sleep last night,  and since I had it on my coffee table when my cleaner came, its clearly friendly to anyone visiting that wouldn’t know it’s got dual usage!  Also if you put it in your suitcase it’s travel friendly and no one will bat an eyelid.

The Wand has some of the most glorious deep rumbly vibrations you could ask for from a non wired wand massager.   It’s battery time is also pretty impressive given the power it puts into the vibrations you can get 1 hour 20 minutes in a single use.  It also only takes 90 minutes to charge fully so you’re not waiting around for a long time if you want to use it.  The charger can be used in a laptop or in a 3 pin plug and the wire allows to charging both the wand and the remote at the same time which is super useful that you don’t need to take each item in turn.  You plug it into the side of the remote and the bottom of the wand. I haven’t worked out what the difference is between the two which makes them different in waterproof status because they are the same type of charge but hey, it’s good to have a warning. I love the pin use to insert in, and it’s guaranteed to stay attached.  One thing to note is that it comes with a European Charger which was super useful for when I went abroad recently but you will need to find a converter or a spare 3 pin otherwise.

The wand is made from platinum cured silicone and has a silky smooth finish,   this wand comes in a light purple colour – it’s a shame as it’s not a gender specific toy, and could be a much more gender friendly colour although I’m super glad it’s not pink – they do other vibrators in blue which is good to see a range of different colours on the market that are not trying to be girly!  Although the wand is not for insertion, you could if you wanted to because of its body safe material. The wand is also waterproof, you can take it in the tub, shower or by the pool side. A bit but though is that the remote is not water resistant.

In use, you hold the remote to power it on for 3 seconds.  Using the + and – to increase the speed and the patterns.  The wand has 10 vibrating patterns, 5 multi-speed and 5 unique patterns.   I love that the Meet Sola Range has 5 solid speeds. I’ve always disliked that toys came with 3 so the fact his has 5 is awesome! The patterns don’t do much for me for use on my foof but they are nice on the massaging front.

I haven’t worked out why you’d want to yet but apparently you can use the remove from 50 feet away – if anyone knows why this is useful, I’d love to know more but it sounds cool none the less.  Moreover, Meet Sola offer a 5 year global warranty so if something goes wrong with your wand you can go back to Meet Sola regardless of who you bought it from – although Latex Leather and Lace would be more than happy to help.

This wand comes in at £119.95 which is a price to pay but honestly, for the power you get, and the over all quality, it’s a great investment – this wand gets a DivaFoof 10/10!  Also, if you use DIVAFOOF10 on the LLL website, it’ll get you 10% off !   You can find the wand here.  Also there is more of the Meet Sola Range here.

If you want to know more about this wand there is a video here.

10 - DivaFoof Wax Seal