The most hi-tech funky Guybrator

The Pulse Duo is a hunk of matte silicone that can be held at the end of the penis to stimulate the head and frenulum or used like a masturbation sleeve to excite all the way up and down. The pulse plate technology also makes the outside vibrate to provide clitoral happiness as well, when sandwiched between him and her. There’s a remote control to switch between vibrating patterns so that no awkward fumbling for buttons on the Duo itself is necessary.

Being that I don’t have a willy, I asked The Fella if he would be my tester for this intriguing bit of kit. He was enthusiastic enough about trying out the vibrators, the clit-suckers, the lube and the paddles, but when I was offered the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo, a sex toy primarily aimed at the cock-equipped, I sensed a degree of trepidation. Nonetheless, he assured me he was willing and happy to try it out.

There’s still a lingering stigma about men using masturbation aids which I don’t quite understand – if you’re wanking anyway, why not harness technology to add some variety? It doesn’t mean you’re lonely, or confused about your sexuality, or a pervert – and if even it did; none of those are anything to be ashamed of!

However, having seen the joy and delight that my toys bring me, I think he was more keen to find that kind of pleasure for himself than embarrassed about using technology to investigate.

Look and feel

In the box is a helpful instruction leaflet, a nice little bag for storing the toy, a charger cable and the remote control.

Picture of contents of box

The matte material of the Pulse III Duo does tend to attract dust (even in the protective bag), so a wipe-down before use is recommended.

The Pulse is designed to cradle the cock so that the most sensitive parts at the head are resting against the pulse plate.

There are buttons on one side for controlling the intensity of the vibrations, and an on/off button on the other side. These are strategically-placed to be easily accessible to the fingers of the user, but the remote control could also be used for a hands-free experience.

The Pulse III Duo is charged by magnetic contact points at the base of the unit which correspond to contact points on the end of the USB charge cable, meaning no messing about with trying to poke a connector into a hole. The contact points are easily dislodged though, so it’s best to put the unit somewhere where you won’t disturb it when charging. A full charge has pretty good staying power – it lasted for about an hour in total.

As well as the dick-titillating function, the Duo also has a ribbed section on the other side, which also vibrates.

Solo use

The first thing the Mr discovered, when putting the Pulse through its paces, is that it is loud. Not chainsaw-volume but definitely not discreet. For a chap living with a housemate whose bedroom shares a wall with his own, this makes any kind of early morning or late night use impractical. As he described it to me, trying to enjoy the Pulse without disturbing the housemate was a lot like playing that game where you lose if you think about it. Not wanting to accommodate visions of his old school friend in his mind while wanking, and owing to his ridiculous working hours, he hasn’t yet managed to get as much use out of the Pulse as he might like.

Being that this is the Pulse Duo, it’s got quite chunky dimensions to accommodate both the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ elements, which he reports, makes the whole thing a bit unwieldy for solo use. “Like fucking yourself with a melon” he observed. I have no idea what his basis for comparison is there, but as he explained to me, it’s kinda tiring for the elbow and wrist to heft the fairly-chunky Pulse. Having tried both letting his cock just sit in the Pulse and moving it up and down, both were comfortable but the movement of the pulse plate along the shaft of his cock was more fun. The material is quite draggy, so lube is definitely recommended when using it as a masturbation sleeve (unless friction burns are your thing)

He explored the various vibration settings eagerly, hoping to find the equivalent for himself of the particular pattern on my toys which makes my eyes glaze and roll back, my mouth drop open and my cunt clench. Disappointingly, there was no corresponding setting on the Pulse which would produce the same effect for him, although the sensations it produced were all pleasant and enjoyable. I’m multi-orgasmic and have something of a hair-trigger, so I think I might have inadvertently led him to set his expectations a bit high, especially since reaching orgasm for him usually requires a tight, sustained grip and a pretty fast pace.

Duo use

The Pulse Duo III is designed for his-and-hers use as a mutual masturbation aid. The idea is that it nestles between our bodies, cupping his cock and providing clitoral stimulation for me. It’s not something that we found natural to use as an impromptu accessory, the way that vibrators and impact toys naturally come to hand during a play session; as it requires some careful positioning, and for us, planning rather than our usual spontaneity.

The vibrations were impressive but didn’t really do it for me – probably because I prefer a more focused sensation on my clit. That’s not to say it wasn’t a nice feeling (it was!) but due to the way that he and I fit together, I found the Pulse encountering my pelvic bone rather more than my clit and the vibrations were dispersed rather too widely for my tastes. Having said that, there’s a lot to be said for the intimacy of using it together missionary-style and I loved it for that alone. I’m not mad keen on fancy vibrating patterns (there are 10), finding them distracting; so having cycled through all of them with the remote, I settled for a nice steady medium-intensity buzz and enjoyed some low-effort cuddlefrotting.


His verdict is a 6.5 – the loudness factor means that his opportunities to use it are very few and far between. He’s not quite such a techno-enthusiast as I am, and still prefers his own hand (or my mouth) to getting jiggy with a battery-powered accessory, even one as sophisticated as the Duo.

My verdict is a 7 because it’s great to have something we can share and both enjoy together. The noise is slightly offputting for me too, especially when combined with my own heavy breathing – it pretty much makes coital conversation an impossibility.

We’re definitely going to keep it close to hand (fnar) though, for those occasions when we’re alone in the house and both too tired for wild shagging.

A huge thank you to Hot Octopuss for letting me have this excellent bit of kit for the review! If your looking to Buy a Hot Octopus Pulse III Direct from Hot Octopus