Fetish Fashion Photoshoot with the Woolfe Pack

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Fetish Fashion Photoshoot with the Woolfe Pack

Latex Leather and Lace have had a long standing relationship with Images by Woolfe and the amazing Woolfe Pack, wth many images from previous shoots being published in magazines from around the world. This weekend saw us getting together again and shooting some of our favourite fetish fashion items together again at our offices & warehouse in Leicestershire.

The Woolfe pack arrived early and after raiding our warehouse for some of their favourite outfits, the girls had been doing their research on our website and had come armed with shopping lists, and of course armfuls of Pleaser Shoes were next on the list, then the lights went up and the camera’s came out for a very long but rewarding day of shooting with this amazing team.

Martin, Viv, Sam & Lucy are an absolutely amazing team who seem to be able to read each other’s minds when they are working together, and even more so when the girls are touring the racks of outfits and shoes in our warehouse (even pretending to be studying a rack of dildos) to try and disguise their interest in the Pleaser Devious boots that were stacked above them.

The Brief an Alternative & Fetish Fashion Bonanza

On this occasion we had no real agenda for what we were going to shoot, and left the decisions very much down to the creativity of the team, with the outfits being select from our various alternative & fetish fashion ranges including Pleaser Shoes, Noir Handmade, Demoniq, and our own Latex and Oscuro Bondage ranges and for added colour the girls were using our range of Fever Wigs to spice things up. The backgrounds to the shots were being provided by our own offices & warehouse, as well as a little time spent in our in house photo studio, a kind of view into the life & soul of Latex Leather and Lace. But regardless of the brief It never ceases to amaze me what these guys can create in an environment like ours with a few props (what props we had coming from our Oscuro Bondage range), and just their own eye and creativity deciding how, where and what to shoot, especially given that they had only really explored our building via Skype video calls, until they actually arrived on the day to shoot it.

Lights, Camera, Action

With the team settled in the, the warehouse raided and the props laid out and the teams MUA Lucy busying herself with making the girls look even more amazing than usual, getting the girls made up to match the stunning Fever wigs that they had managed to sneak out of the warehouse was looking like being Lucy’s challenge for the day, especially as Viv seemed to be planning a number of colour changes during the day.

Lights Camera Action Fetish Fashion Photoshoot

Lights Camera Action Fetish Fashion Photoshoot

Translucent Latex, Fever Wigs & Bordello Pleasers.

The ever lovely Sam aka Lily Pryde was up first in front of the camera, using the most unlikely backdrop of the warehouse stairs, a simple translucent latex dress, and some beautiful pleaser bordello cheetah print platform heels, and she certainly seemed to drop straight into diva mode as she hit her first pose and the lights flashed away time and time again.

The Mistress Look, Noir Handmade Tulle Gown over Demoniq Catsuit.

While the lights were flashing in the warehouse Viv was busying herself getting in a stunning wet look catsuit from our new Demoniq Mistress Collection, and teaming with up with a full length tulle gown from Noir Handmade and of course more amazing Pleasers, although the studs and spikes on her first choice of boots were threatening to shred the gown, so she had to change them out to something a little less menacing.

Mistress Viv Voyeur Purple Fever Wig, Noir Handmade Dress & Demoniq Wet Look Catsuit

Mistress Viv Voyeur Purple Fever Wig, Noir Handmade Dress & Demoniq Wet Look Catsuit

Viv certainly looked the part as she made her way into our entrance foyer, and it never ceases to amaze me how these girls can turn it on in front of the camera, the moment she was in position and the light sensor came out, she transformed from the bubbly girl we all know and love, into a harsh mistress with attitude, and she looked every bit the part, but we will let you judge for yourself from the images below.

Latex Skater Dresses & Corsets in the Pallet Store

The girls had found a couple of latex skater dresses in a rail in our store during their hunt which were pre-production samples and as it happens the right sizes, in contrasting yellow and blue latex the girls just couldn’t resist them, and we couldn’t help but add in some corsets to maximise the effect, one in latex, and the other a stunning Coquette satin time which Sam was over the moon with the fit of, slightly less over the moon when she was being laced into it though.

While the girls were getting ready Martin was busy getting set up in the pallet store and had found a few corners of the warehouse that he thought would give him the backdrops he wanted (quite how he decided to shoot through and old office bookcase I will never know, but the resulting images speak for themselves).

One shot in particular stands out to me for the pure eroticism of the image, and that has to be Sam unlacing Viv’s boots with her teeth, teeth clenched on the lace, her back perfectly arched, and that look in her eyes, we all agree that having witnessed this being shot we now know the true meaning of erotic.

Pleaser Boots Worship in Latex

Pleaser Boots Worship in Latex

The actual image we cant publish here at the moment because it has been submitted for publishing elsewhere, but once it is out there have no fear you will see it here too.

Demoniq Shibari & Latex in the Studio

Sam had picked out a stunning hooded body for the studio part of the shoot from Demoniq’s Shibari range, while Viv was going for more of the mistress look again in a knee length latex dress (to be fair it’s a mini dress on anyone taller than 5 foot) but great things come in small packages they say.

Lily Pryde - Demoniq Shibari Hoshi Wet Look Teddy & Bra Set

Lily Pryde – Demoniq Shibari Hoshi Wet Look Teddy & Bra Set

This was to be honest one of the highlights of the day for us, and just watching the shots roll in, we knew we had so many usable images it would be hard to choose what to use where (already it’s images from this part of the shoot that are adorning our new social media banners).

Pleaser Shoes & Fever Wigs

Two things that were common to everything we shot on the day were Pleaser USA’s awesome shoes & boots (of which there were many show boxes left empty and ruined) and also our fabulous Fever Wigs which the girls absolutely loved and Lucy made great use of during the day.

iv Voyeur - Black Latex Mistress Dress & Fever Wig

iv Voyeur – Black Latex Mistress Dress & Fever Wig

With Lucy co-ordinating the makeup to match and contrast the wigs the girls had picked out, they certainly had a bit of a Pulp Fiction thing going on with the styles, not that we minded as they both looked amazing in them. and its hard to tell they even have wigs on, especially when you think that most Fever Wigs are under £30.

A Long But Rewarding Day

With so much to shoot and new ideas emerging all the time it was nearly 7pm by the time we finally packed away the lights and the cameras and returned to the pub for much needed sustenance, and a crafty beer for those that weren’t driving. A chance at last to sit and evaluate the day, there was much banter regarding Viv’s new found inner mistress, and of course plenty of chatter as to what we will be doing next time we get together,  but for now the contents of that conversation is absolutely top secret.

You can check out the beautiful Lily Pryde, Viv Voyeur, the awesome Images by Woolfe, and of course Lucy and her amazing makeup on Facebook, or checkout the Images by Woolfe Photography Website here.

Images By Woolfe Photography

Images By Woolfe Photography

After the Shoot

We are now only a couple of days after the shoot and already the images are starting to come in from Martin, including two amazing studio shots that we have utilised to revamp our Facebook and Twitter profiles, and I am pretty sure we will be rolling these images out across our Social Media and many of our banner adds etc, so you best get used to seeing the lovely Sam & Viv on the cover of our site for a long time to come.

We know the team are sending a number of the images from the day for publication in various magazines, so we will be back to update this page as and when they get published.

And of course keep your eyes peeled for our next encounter as I am fairly sure it not be long, before were setting up the lights, and hitting the poses again, maybe next time we can get a few more behind the scenes shots for you to enjoy. Personally I still think a Breaking Bad themed shoot in yellow latex would be a great idea, but who could be possibly get to play Walter Wright.

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