Some years ago, I was an adventurous girl, I had different partners on a no strings attached basis (FB) and was happily arranging to meet for sex and that would be all, but I was always fussy.  I’ve slept with less than 20 people but I say that’s because I found good ones and kept going back to the same ones, and I knew all the names of the people I’d been with, except for 2.  In fact, I don’t even know what those two men looked like, why you might ask?   Sex Club is your answer.

In Sheffield, there is a swingers bar that goes by the name of La Chambre (the bedroom in French), La Chambre is the only swinging club in the United Kingdom purpose-built for the hedonistic enjoyment of liberated couples and singles.  I took a visit back in 2013 with one of my FB’s who happened to also be bi-sexual.  I’ve always been heterosexual and never been remotely curious but I’d happily watch women have sex in both real life and also on porn.

On walking into the sex club, I was both nervous and excited. One thing that stuck out was that it was only £5 entry for a single woman, and £25 entry for a single male. That’s quite a difference, right? That’s because as I discovered that there a lot more men frequenting the places than women and that’s where I felt safer going with my FB because as a couple you get in for £25 per couple, and he was old enough and had visited before that he knew what they were like and was fully aware that I wouldn’t know what to expect.

Despite my ‘newbie’ status, there were a few things that made me feel so much happier:

  • Firstly, no cameras are allowed, if you’re into being filmed, a sex club is not where you will get your kink because they insist that you lock all your personal belongings in a locker and if you’re caught with a camera, you will be removed from the building and made to delete anything you have on your phone.
  • Secondly, No drugs of any kind and monitored use of alcohol, so anyone in there was of free and clear mind and not under the influence. The place had a bar, and you were free to consume alcohol but it was clear that they would not tolerate any behaviour as a result of alcohol (or drug) consumption and that you’d be turfed out of the club if it occurred.
  • Thirdly, a strict ruling on No means No. Pretty simple really, if someone taps you on the shoulder hoping to be lucky,  you can simply say no thank you, and move on.   Just because you are at a sex club, does not mean you are required to have sex with anyone there.  Saying no is perfectly acceptable.
  • Lastly, protection is a must. If you are having sex with someone who is not your natural partner, then the male is to wear a condom.  Moreover, your tackle or clam should be fusty free and if you are a regular at sex clubs, you should be making sure your sexual health has a clean bill of health.  They don’t ask for evidence of this but anyone caught polluting the environment could ruin their business and as such will not be tolerated but it is up to both parties to ensure that the right protection is used.

So how did my evening go?  It was one of many revelations and really the beginning of my discovery…  We walked around the club, getting to know the place and the first place we headed was into the locker area putting our stuff away.  Beyond the lockers was a pool and sauna, it sounded really interesting but it was empty as it was early on and there was a definite smell of chlorine which gave me confidence that the club took the cleaning seriously.

Next the Dungeon.  Not really to use but just out of damn curiosity, perhaps the warning signs were there all along?  Again due to it being early on we’d arrived quite early and the Dungeon was empty; not a soul was to be seen, however, it was a furniture kitted out dungeon. I didn’t see any implements so I assumed you brought them yourself. The entire place was quite cold with no one in it but I don’t doubt that it would have heated up quickly.

I always said that since there was a ‘Highway to Hell’ and a ‘Stairway to Heaven’, the predicted amount of numbers were clearly obvious but in this case,  the Stairway to Heaven as it was called was much busier and people were up to no good both in Heaven too:

Once upstairs, there were several different kinds of room inc. The Dark Room, Couples Room, Private Booths, Glory Holes and there were Open Areas with a seated area out in the corridor if you didn’t want to be inside any of the specific rooms.

The Dark Room

Inside the Dark Room, it pretty much was as you would expect it. Complete blackout, this was fine. I ate my carrots as a child but it heightened the senses that were going on around you and I realised I had a fan who kept following me everywhere.  Despite saying no, he wasn’t far away with his hard-on.  Every time I turned around there was this ‘Have you changed your mind’ expression on his face.  Needless to say, it hadn’t changed and he was told to leave me alone by my FB who was with me and he didn’t return.

I found The Dark Room truly fascinating, as the night went on it, it got busier.  This was mainly down to the single-handed efforts of one woman alone who decided she was up for being taken by multiple guys and ended up ‘running a train’.  I watched from the outside that there were shadows of around 10 guys hanging around her waiting for their turn.  It was literally one in one out.  Except for the one guy who got shouted at because he was too big and tried a couple of times before being kicked out.  Whilst the safety of the club is paramount, you must be on your metal because people do try their luck and in the Dark Room, you cannot see the 10 guys stood around you touching themselves. You can just sense them.

The Couples Room

The couples room was intriguing, it was as it says for couples only.  You could go in if you were invited so threesomes were available but mostly what would happen would be that other couples would play with couples in the room. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people having sex as I have there.   My FB and I could have gone in but we chose not to.  There was a viewing window that I casually gave him a hand job whilst watching with the other people who were hoping to be invited in.

The private booths 

The private booths were my first calling. I needed to feel confident before I just whipped my clothes off, and that’s where the night started for me.  Little did I know that it was also a glory hole I was laying in and that there were people watching.  I actually find that quite interesting. The first I knew someone was watching was when there was a penis appear through a hole with a knock on the wall to get my attention.  I just ignored it and carried on with my FB but we could have done so much more with that.  Instead, I kept with my FB for a little while.

Open Areas

There were two open areas where anyone was able to join in.  The rooms were large wipe down soft areas.  Think of a childs soft play area with the shiny covered cushions that just clean up nicely. Soft to lay and spray on… literally.  There was a couple in there who the male of the couple who was white skinned liked to watch his wife be fucked by black people.  He was more than happy to explain that it was what turned him on. He was very keen on me and when I wasn’t watching he touched my side which unfortunately I’m very ticklish and I jumped a mile and he never came near me again. It wasn’t him, it was just that I have sensitive sides and can’t bear it. Anywhere else, you’re fine but my sides – I’m likely to give you a black eye.

As the night went on, I got braver about people being around me and I really got into the evening and everyone was so nice.  There are two guys out there that I’ll never know what their names were, in fact, I haven’t a clue what they look like as they took me from behind.  I was spit-roasted and there were guys lining up to ‘run a train’ but I stopped after two as I didn’t want to just become a piece of meat much to the disappointment of the guy who I saw as I flipped over onto my bottom and said no! hah.   My FB assured me that they had both put on condoms prior to entry and everything was fine in that situation but I regularly advise that if you are into doing this on a regular basis that you do get your sexual health checked out. Nothing wrong with having fun but you should always check that your bits are in good health.

To see some pictures of the rooms I’ve described, click here.

So in summary, did I enjoy it? Would I do it again? Would I recommend it?  Yes at the time, I did enjoy it and I considered that one day I would return but my life took a different avenue and my FB days ended as I ended up with a partner who wasn’t jealous but possessive and I wasn’t for anyone else but him, and so sharing was not out there and I don’t miss it.  It was a fun crazy time and I’ve changed my attitude to sex a lot more but for anyone who is curious, I highly recommend it. It’s worth trying it out if only for the once.

Although I would say you should prepare yourself for anything; my FB told me about the time he visited before me, he had to rescue a 20 year old who nearly fucked his mother in the dark room.  It was only that he heard her voice first that saved him.  My FB said that the poor guy was in bits in the corridor and I don’t blame him!  These are obvious rare chances but I guess you never really know what’s around the corner in a sex club.  I’m sure that will haunt the poor guy for years to come but I can’t help but raise a smile.

If you want to know more about the club, please do get in contact with me on @DivaFoof – I’ll happily talk about it.  It was fun, it was worth and I reccomend if you have the opportunity then go for it but whatever you do, be safe.