You must think that we are mad as hatters for being up and about at 4am on Sunday morning, but it’s just our thing :-). With the Van pre-loaded all we had to do was swing by the warehouse and swap vehicles before setting of down to Birmingham for our favourite fetish market The Brum Bazaar.

You might think why the heck we setting off so early if Birmingham’s only 45 minutes drive away, well we just get that excited about it, that we want to be first there. Only a few minutes after we arrived and parked our van outside The Nightingale Club some of our good friends and fellow traders from Intimate Torment arrived and we all went for a “healthy” Full English Breakfast.

Then full of diet sausages and skinny coffee it was back to our van and The Nightingale Club just in time to start unloading and setting up for the day ahead.

Really happy that we had more space this time around due to the absence of Lady K’s so ourselves and Intimate Torment were able to spread ourselves out a little more.

Our stand was looking amazing as always ‘well we thought so anyway’, with good selection of Pleaser footwear, lots of shiny make-up, Fever wigs and of course our favourite Oscuro Leather whips, floggers, cuffs and the rest of the fun stuff the The Brum Bazaar is so well known for.

As usual the 2 hour setup time never seems to enough and we could hear the countdown clock ticking away when we finally finished setting up, leaving us with a few spare minutes  for a quick cup of coffee before the doors opened at 11 o’clock and kinky public started to mosey in. As always at The BBB you see familiar faces and new ones, the inexperienced and the unsure perusing the trading floor alongside those that exactly know what they are looking for.

The Latex Leather and Lace / FM Heels stand was really busy for most of the morning with people coming, talking to us, asking lots of questions and generally having fun until demo has started but we will get to that in a bit.

As a little Brucie bonus myself and Lisa had a couple of very helpful minions joining us to help out a little throughout the day in the shape of our good friend and resident blogger @Gemini_Jo who was really fantastic talking to loads people about Fever wigs which she has recently been testing out for us, and generally how awesome we are (we had to train that into her). Jo if you ever need a job just take mine you much better at it than me 🙂

This months demo was Erotic Impact Play and come 1.30pm it was time for the lovely Lisa to go and watch the demonstration, while I took 5 minutes enjoy a spot of lunch from my lovingly prepared hamper (thanks hubby), although quite what I was supposed to do with the squirty cream and 2 large bananas is anyones guess….. Use the comments box below if you can think of anything.

Our Lunch Case at BBB

Our Lunch Case at BBB

And now it’s time also for me to hand over this blog to Lisa so she can tell you all about her visit to the top floor.

At Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar there is a different demo every month, So at 1.30 off I went to see what this one was all about….. it was erotic impact play, which was very different as it was the first demo of this kind I have been too. I was a bit nervous to start with and didn’t know what to expect so I asked Aychee who is one of the organisers of the BBB to come along with me for a bit of moral support.

You might by now have guessed that I have only been working for FM Heels / Latex Leather and Lace for a few short months and being totally new to impact play as well as many of the other things that go on being these doors, I really didn’t know what to expect both from the demo, and from my own perspective what my reaction would be. And my first thoughts of this when we got to the third floor was oh my god I am meant to be taking notes on this and there is a woman in wrist restrains suspended from the ceiling in just her pants, I turn to Aychee almost panicked and say “I do not know what to write about!!” his reply was “just say he is smacking her tits”. This made me laugh and feel at ease straight away, which is something everyone does at the BBB.

The impact play demonstration started with our learned friend who was running the demo slapping the body of his willing volunteer all over with a wooden paddle, touching the body with his hands which I was told is very important to make the person feel safe with your touch and know that you are there.

Then on to a leather paddle hitting her body all over, he had everything  possible to use, things I had never herd of like a dragon tail and a rubber flogger, they sting and would definatley be something you gradually work yourself up to if you wanted to.

You can also use whips, lashes, crops & canes to stroke and teases not just strike. But the girl did seem to be really enjoying it and seemed to me that she felt safe, all the time whilst her dominator repeatedly asking if she was ok.

I guess I thought, the same as most people who are new to erotic impact play you just hit the person, but I was very very wrong. It is all about safety, making the person you are with feel comfortable with what you are doing to them and most of all using things properly and understanding that its about pleasure and pain as one and not really damaging the person.

I stayed until the end of the demonstration, not because I felt I had too because I didn’t, but to get a bit more an of understanding of this sort of play, plus it was very interesting and good to get a bit of knowledge of something I had absolutely no idea about.

Lisa x

As always once the demo is over the floor gets very very busy and as you all know time fly’s when your having fun, and by the time we realised it was time to pack our stand up and head home. We always have a great time at BBB and with all other traders and wonderful Barb and Dave, and all the others that help out on the day, The Brum Bazaar is more family than fetish market and we do hope that if you have not been before reading this might get you along for your first visit to the BBB, we assure you if you do it won’t be your last…..