Easter is a Festival of Fertility & Sex its not all Eggs & Bunnies

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Easter is a Festival of Fertility & Sex its not all Eggs & Bunnies

While Easter is now considered a Christian holiday, Easter has roots that go much further back. The parts of the celebration that are now considered cultural, rather than religious aspects have connections that go back to the root of the celebration.

Many sources believe Easter was originally the festival in celebration of Ishtar (pronounced Easter), the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. Kind of a perfect celebration for those of us in the sex toy industry. Ishtar’s symbols (like the egg and the rabbit) are still considered symbols of fertility and sex.

I know we’re used to having chocolate versions of these symbols thrust upon us by the modern world but I want to talk to you about a more grown up version of these things. Just because we usually think of cultural Easter as a holiday for the kids doesn’t mean us adults can’t get in on the fun of the holiday’s symbols.

First I am going to discuss eggs. Tenga Eggs to be precise. These eggs are a fantastic little item. They are a super stretchy and elastic egg shaped masturbator. There are different textures/sensations, and are designed to fit all sizes due to the elasticity. The Tenga Egg is made from TPE and is designed to be used once only. However, with a thorough washing and good sex toy care, (wash immediately after use, spray with anti-bacterial toy spray, and leave to air dry completely before storing) you could use it up to three times. They come in a plastic shaped egg, and when you pop it open, the masturbation sleeve inside looks egg shaped. The inside of the eggs is textured, and you can buy different varieties, each one giving a different type of sensation.

The idea is you squirt a good bit of lube inside (you get a sachet included), slide it over the head of the penis, and away you go. Because of the stretch, you can easily adjust how much or how little you want to cover, it can stretch down the shaft or can just be used on the head. These Eggs are a great alternative to the chocolate eggs sold in every supermarket.

On to the Easter Bunny or Rabbits as we like to call them. Yes, I mean the style of vibrator that has two shafts; a larger insertable one and a smaller slightly flexible one to stimulate the clit. Rabbit vibrators tend to have a reputation as one of those products that divide people; you either love them or hate them. I don’t think this is true though.

Toy Joy Nova Rabbit Vibrator Designer Edition

Toy Joy Nova Rabbit Vibrator Designer Edition


There are such a great variety of styles and designs that it is hard to say none of them will ever work for you. The first few I tried were the more typical rabbit design (with the mini bunny as the small arm), and while they were perfectly good vibrators, and always got me finished, they were never completely perfect. Then I realised I needed something that had a bunny arm that sat much closer to my body. Once I found one that worked for my body, it was like a revelation.

So which came first the egg or the rabbit?

Why not treat yourselves and have a little competition to find out…

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