Oh lets be honest, how many of you would love to be up at 4am on Sunday morning and then spend 3,5 hours driving to beautiful Brighton… Oh i can see all those jealous faces now 🙂

To make the morning hour as short as possible without any details about running around, brushing teeth etc, at 5am we were all set up in our lovely white transit van and off we go. The Journey to Brighton was nice and pleasant as you can imagine at this hour on Sunday morning, when no sane person would possibly be on the road. So we arrived in Brighton nice and early, parked up on the sea front and went on the hunt for breakfast.

Oh you can not even imagine how proud of ourselves we were that we found place with coffee and breakfast. After nice croissants and some enormous cups of coffee we were ready to start setting up.

The doors at the The Funky Fish Club & Bar were open at 9am for traders so we had lots of time to get everything set up and ready for the first arrivals. Grid walls, tables, cloths etc. we were flying with a smile and excitement and done and ready in enough time for nice cup of coffee.

By the time the doors opened to the public our stand was looking top notch. We had it all from the Pleaser Shoes and Boots, Sex Toys, Electrics, our favourite Oscuro Leather Bondage to Fever Wigs and Make-Up including our Bettie dressed up for occasion in her favourite outfit and ready to welcome all visitors.

Very proud of ourselves right up until we realised that we forgot to bring our banners, flyers and catalogues, oh well, if your getting up at 4 in the morning somethings always going to slip.

The doors to public were open at 12 o’clock and as always there were lots of happy people in one room, we had a good time laughing and chatting with visitors and with a little help of an ipad we were able to show people where we are and what else we do, still wondering what we have done with all our nicely printed advertising leaflets that we printed the day before (don’t worry we found them when we got back).

Believe it or not time goes really fast when you enjoying yourself with such a bunch of fantastic people the likes of which you only really get to meet at these events, and by the time we realised it was 5pm and time for a late lunch. Thanks to the lovely Lisa we had enough food not only for one day but for entire week 🙂 I would really share some pictures with you all but the quality of photos made while you laughing are not so good…

Anyway 6pm soon came and it was time to start packing and saying good-bye to old friends and new. After finding our van and loading everything back up, it was time to hit the road again for the long drive back and with more than just a little impatience for the next time 🙂

See you all in September for another wonderful Brighton Twisted Market, and one last thanks to Tina and all the team that make this fantastic event happen.