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Many years in the fetish scene and as fetish business owners, we pride ourselves on maintaining some amazing websites including this one, we also run the Latex Leather & Lace online fetish store and a retail store in the UK. Regulars at many events we love getting to know people both in the scene and the industry.

Rose Gold Strappy Heels, Pleaser Pole Dancing Shoes

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Rose Gold is in colour for 2018 and Pleaser Shoes are totally on the ball with their new Rose Gold Strappy Heels, perfect pole dancing shoes pleaser have brought out no less than seven variations of their awesome pole dancing shoes in a number of styles, but they are all absolutely stunning.

Who Was Saint Valentine? The Real Story of Valentines Day

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Whilst we celebrate Valentines day the real story behind Saint Valentine and the history of Valentines Day itself is a lot more interesting, and has alot less to do with flowers and chocolates and romance than you might imagine.

Sexy Gifts for your Partner, Our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

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Picking a sexy gift to surprise your partner at Christmas isn’t the easiest thing you will do this year, but 2017 has provided us with some absolute gems when it comes to ideas for the perfect sexy gift this Christmas, so why not have spice up the festive holidays a little and take a look

Clubwear & Alternative Clothing Store Opening This Weekend

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Since we moved into our new unit at the beginning of September we have been busy fitting it out and getting it ready to throw open its doors to the public, more than anything we wanted to finally bring you an amazing space where you can come and view our ranges of Fetish & Alternative Clothing

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All New Hinckley Fetish Store Opening Soon

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As many of you already know we closed our Hinckley store back in 2016 when we moved to our office and ware house premises in Barwell, Leicestershire, well we have now secured a new larger single story unit where we will once again be able to fling open the doors to our amazing fetish collection

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What is the dress code for Torture Garden?

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If your lucky enough to get tickets for a Torture Garden event in London, Edinburgh or even one of their International Events, then the last thing you want is to be turned away at the door because you didn’t get your outfit right, and ‘What is the dress code for Torture Garden?’ is one of

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Twitter Porn, Why we the people forced government censorship

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Let’s face it none of us like being told what to do, and certainly none of us like the government interfering with our day to day lives, but recently the UK government has been forced to act on age verification and censorship of adult material online and why, because we through Twitter Porn and Facebook

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Kinky Sex Festival in Tunbridge Wells

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The local population of Tunbridge Wells are up in arms as 500 swingers take over this sleepy English town for a 3 day kinky sex festival in nearby woods. According to reports over 500 swingers have made the journey to the sleepy English market town of Tunbridge Wells this weekend and descended on Brokes Wood

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@LubeAndALaptop bloggers meet up is go in Birmingham

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The brainchild of Cheryl Kaye aka @HornyGeekGirl and Echo Explores and assisted on the day by Emmeline Peaches, @LubeAndALaptop was born because of this years absence of the ETO Show at the NEC Birmingham. Traditionally, adult industry bloggers and reviewers have taken the ETO Show as an opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas catch up on industry

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The Leicester Fetish Affair – A Leicestershire Fetlife Event

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A brave plan from a few local Leicestershire Fetlife members paid off this last bank holiday with the ‘Leicester Fetish Affair’ event being run at Club29 in Leicester for the first and hopefully not the last time. Was started out as a whimsical idea from a few key Leicestershire Fetlife members turned into a great

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